Are Blasting Or Trenching Services Right For Your Construction Project?

18 June 2021
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When you are engaged in a construction project, you might encounter rock getting in the way of the completion of your project. In that case, blasting might seem like the best way to deal with the rock. However, the viability of rock blasting should be called into question for many reasons.

How Drilling and Blasting Works

Blasting involves drilling several holes in the area where the trench is needed. Then, controlled explosives are used to break up the rocks to clear way for excavation. Harder rocks will require higher velocity explosives that are more likely to create larger shock waves. 

After the explosion, the rubble is removed and the trench created by the explosion is then reinforced. This process might need to be carried out several times until the material is completely removed. Because of the use of explosives and because of the risk of the trench collapsing, this process can be very dangerous.

Damage Done to Surrounding Structures

Blasting can send shock waves through the surrounding material. You may end up damaging nearby structures, and you may be forced to pay for the damage. The material removed through blasting is also damaged.

Damaged Material

Damaging the material destroyed during a blasting operation will prevent you from using that material to backfill the trench. Also, the walls that are created will be harder to fill. You may also notice that the trench sinks after the blasting operation because blasting does not help with the compaction. 

How Trenching Can Be More Effective

A trench is less destructive to the surrounding area. You will not disturb the ground as much and you will create a smaller and neater path. Trenching can often be much faster and more efficient.

It is also a process that is safer for the workers involved and is safer for the surrounding community. The material excavated using trenching can be used as backfill. As a result, trenching is becoming the preferred method. 

How Trenching Works

With trenching, specialized rock trenching equipment, such as cutterheads, is used to slice through the layers of soil and pavement. This creates a trench that is much more symmetrical. Because the process does not create any shockwaves, the surrounding buildings will not be disturbed.

With the right equipment, a trenching service will be able to maximize safety. If you are not sure whether trenching is the right option for your construction project, contact trenching services right away for a consultation.