Substation Rust Treatment, Cleaning, And Painting Stages

25 July 2022
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A substation is a critical part of an electrical system. Transformers and other high-voltage materials require protection from the elements. The substation and insulation preserve the condition of electrical equipment. Substation painting often involves the removal of rust, a cleaning process, and the application of paint products that will deflect sunlight.

The Upkeep

A substation is made up of metal components that provide an envelope around high-voltage materials. A substation is subjected to varying temperatures and precipitation throughout each year. If upkeep isn't performed on a substation, expensive electrical components could become compromised.

A substation may be responsible for supplying electricity to a community or to commercial businesses. If neglect causes electrical components to deteriorate, power interruptions could be experienced. A certified technician should be hired to inspect, clean, and paint a substation.

The Services That A Contractor Provides

A contractor will assess the condition of a substation first. If there is rust on metal components, it is critical that the corrosion is removed in a timely manner. Cleaning processes will be conducted afterward. The cleaning of a station will prepare it for the application of primer and paint. The paint products that are used to treat a substation will be weather-resistant. They will also have thermal properties that will deflect the sun.

Specialized painting processes are used to coat transformers and other high-voltage materials. Since electrical shocks can be endured if the equipment isn't handled properly, safety precautions must be adhered to. A contractor and their painting crew may wear protective gear while they are painting a substation. They may also use a flow-coating technique. This type of painting technique ensures even coverage.

A painting crew will begin applying paint toward the top of a substation. They will use a pouring process that will prompt the paint to drip downward. As the paint moves downward, it will coat substation materials in their entirety. To prevent paint buildup, a collection container may be used to gather up excess paint that has dripped toward the bottom of the substation.

Paint products that are used for substation projects are poly-silicone products. Poly-silicone paints have superior UV stability. They are also resistant to pooling water. During the painting of a substation, the electrical equipment may need to be temporarily disabled. A contractor will perform future inspections of the equipment and will provide rust removal, cleaning, and painting services as they are needed.

Reach out to a substation painter for more information.