Ways To Use River Rock In Your Landscaping

29 September 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


River rock is a common choice for landscaping. These rocks are smooth due to years of being bounced around in flowing rivers. They are multi-colored since they begin as different kinds of rocks. While you can buy river rock in various sizes, most landscapers sell medium-sized river rocks that are roughly an inch or two across with some larger and smaller rocks tossed in here and there. Really, you can use river rock however you want, but if you're looking for some ideas and inspiration, consider the options below.

"Mulch" Your Garden Beds

When people use the word "mulch" they are usually referring to shredded wood or bark. But wood and bark have some downfalls when used on top of garden beds. They can leech their color, and they break down and need to be replaced from time to time. Wood mulch may also attract termites and other wood-eating insects. So, you might want to consider using river rock as an alternative. It will serve a lot of the same functions as wood mulch, keeping weeds at bay and preventing the soil from eroding away when it rains. However, river rock won't need to be replaced, at least not any time soon, and it will not stain anything.

Create a Pathway 

Do you walk the same path across your yard again and again? If so, you may see pathways being worn into your lawn. Consider protecting these pathways by laying down some river rock. You'll want to first dig down a few inches and put in some vinyl or plastic edging. Then, you can fill the hollowed-out area with river rock. It will give you a more durable surface to walk on and will also look nicer than worn-out grass.

Create a Grill Pad

If you grill outside, you may want to have a grill pad where you can park your grill and chairs without worrying about mud. Having a concrete one poured is expensive, and river rock can be a good alternative. You can have a load dumped in the area where you want to create your grill pad. Tamp the rock down a bit, and it won't move very much as you roll a grill over it.

River rock has a lot of uses in landscaping. Consider the options above, and use your own creativity to make them your own. Whether you need a grill pad, a path, or a new solution for your garden beds, river rock is a good option to consider.