Three Dock Supplies You Should Not Let Wear Out

28 May 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Your boat dock supplies are important not just in the maintenance of the dock itself, but for your boat's protection as well. After all, a poorly maintained dock is more likely to allow a boat to get scratched, drift out of position, or even scrape itself on structures below the waterline. There are some dock supplies that are crucial in the construction of your dock so your boat does not get damaged, but they can also wear out relatively quickly compared to the overall structure of the dock. Here are three dock supplies you should always keep on hand in case you need to replace them on your pier. 


Bumpers, or dock bumpers, are pieces of plastic that are attached to the side of your docks so that if any boat does come in too fast, or out of control, it at least has some padding before it scrapes against the concrete or wooden dock. These bumpers aren't there to protect your dock from a head-on collision at speed, but they do prevent lots of scrapes and slashes into the sides of any boat that is a bit too hot and heavy when docking. If your dock bumpers are starting to look a little sunbleached and weak, you might want to consider replacing them.

Mooring Whip

A mooring whip is a brilliant invention that many dock owners still do not have in their inventory. These mooring whips work by extending over the boat and allowing the mooring line to hold the boat away from the edge of the dock. These are great for smaller boats that might otherwise rock and slap into the side of the dock due to high tides. Offering these to your clients or using them yourself can save you a lot of money over the years, as they will reduce the chips and cracks on your property and save you a few services.


Lighting is so important on any sort of construction that boats will be operating in close proximity to. These lights are not just useful for the boats, though. Lining the side of your docks with lights ensures safe travel up and down the walkway no matter how late at night it is. The last thing you want is for people to get hurt when disembarking from a night cruise, and lights are an easy and very cost-effective way to fix this issue, while also making your dock look much better and more professional.