Choosing Countertops For Restaurant Kitchens

4 June 2021
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Large-scale cooking requires you brace your kitchen for all possible outcomes. This includes equipping your kitchen to handle the pressures that come with cooking for large gatherings. One of the most neglected pieces of equipment is the countertop. You need countertops that are durable and require minimal maintenance. Here are a few options that could work for you.

Solid Wood

Wood makes for a natural, strong surface ideal for commercial settings. Many designers choose wooden countertops over other materials because they offer a blend of durability and aesthetics. If you expect to have a busy kitchen, then solid wood countertops are your best bet. 

Besides being durable, solid wood is also easy to clean and maintain. With a bit of oiling once in a while, wooden surfaces can last decades. Because wood is easy to clean, it avoids the risk of bacterial build-up and food poisoning. 


If you're looking for an elegant look, granite is your choice countertop material. It comes in a variety of colors and designs. Granite also bears an attractive shine that becomes its mark of cleanliness. Simple soap and wet cloth clean-up will take care of all the dirt that may hold on to the granite surface. 

Kitchen granite countertop installation is a delicate process. This is because granite blocks are heavy and easy to break if handled wrong. The countertops should, therefore, be installed by professional hands.


Porcelain is less common than the above two, especially in the American market. However, it's a strong option as it is heat and scratch-resistant. Porcelain also makes for a good option for an outdoor kitchen because it's resistant to UV rays. 

Porcelain can be used as a substitute for granite to offer a more balanced color choice. In the same way that a kitchen granite countertop installation requires a delicate hand, so does porcelain installation. The main disadvantage of using porcelain is it cracks easily, making it difficult to cut. As such, you would have a hard time making it fit certain edge styles.


Quartz is also referred to as an engineered stone. This is because it isn't 100% natural stone. Quartz is made by mixing crushed natural stone with a binder. As such, it may not be as strong as other natural materials like granite and marble.

Quartz is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. This is because it's stain-resistant and doesn't soak water in. It's strong yet easy to clean, making it an ideal lasting material for your restaurant kitchen countertops. 

To learn more about available options, contact a kitchen remodeling company.