Reasons Why Cedar Might Be Right for Your New Fence

8 June 2021
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A fence can provide security and privacy to your property by providing quiet relaxation from neighborhood distractions and peace of mind for the safety of your children and pets. A cedar fence can do all of these things plus provide a beautiful focal point around your landscape. Here is a brief guide on cedar fencing to help you learn more about this fencing option to see if it is the right choice for your home. 

Cedar comes in different types

When you go with a cedar fence, you have a lot of choices when it comes to the final look of the fence. There are different types of cedar to choose from. Western red cedar will give you a fence with a pretty light brown color with a pinkish hue. Clear cedar is wood that comes from the center of the cedar tree and it has very few blemishes and no knots, helping you to have a stunning fence. Deodar cedar has a gorgeous reddish-brown color with a rich look. Keep in mind, cedar fencing has a lot of benefits: You can stain it to achieve the shade you want or you can choose to paint it. 

Cedar is a strong fencing material

Cedar is a type of wood that is strong and that holds up well in different types of weather. It is a type of wood that is less prone to some of the problems other types of woods can be prone to, such as warping, splitting, and bowing. Also, cedar has natural oils that help to protect it from certain threats. For example, these oils work well when it comes to protecting the cedar from pests that can threaten wood, such as carpenter ants and termites. It can be beneficial for you to have a fence with natural protection against termites because if you have a fence that gets termites, they could become a potential threat to your home. 

Cedar can help complete the look you want

Cedar in its natural state can be an attractive addition to your landscape. If you like a more natural look, then you want to have a natural cedar fence built. If you have water features throughout your landscape, then the reddish hues of some types of cedar will create a gorgeous backdrop for those water features. If you have a country home, then a light-colored cedar can help to add to that rustic feel you want.