Plan for a Log Home Porch Addition

21 June 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Adding a front porch to your log cabin will increase your living space and could improve the curb appeal of your home. Choose log home materials that coincide with the ones your home was constructed of.

The Size And Structure

Your new porch should be in proportion with the size of your home. A porch that is too small or too large could have an awkward appearance and deflect from the aesthetic appeal of your residence. Treated wood will be essential for the structure of the porch, to prevent the risk of wood decay.

Logs that are similar to the ones your home's walls are constructed of can be intertwined with balusters, spindles, or pillars. Logs that are aligned adjacently can be used to form paneled sections. If you would like the porch to feature a sidewall that can be used as the backdrop for a porch swing or outdoor furnishings, your building contractor can add a log wall along either end of the porch.

Roofing And Decking Materials, Fasteners, And Steps

To acquire a seamless roofing system, select roofing materials that are the same as the ones used on your home. Your contractor can use a sloped or flat roofing style for the addition. A porch gable that is constructed of wood or metal can be used to finish the porch. This item will lay on the center edge of the roof.

Composite or wooden decking materials stained and sealed will contribute to the rustic theme you may already be accustomed to. If your contractor uses 3D imaging or scale models to show their clients what end results will look like, you can use either image or model to confirm all of the design specifications that you have chosen for the addition. Make material switches and measurement changes for any parts of the porch that don't visually appeal to you.

Fasteners that are used to connect wooden beams, logs, and roofing materials should contain a non-corrosive coating. Since the elements could compromise the tensile strength of fasteners or discolor the hardware pieces, non-corrosive fasteners will be best suited for your porch addition.

The steps that lead up to the porch can consist of wooden treads and risers, concrete slabs, or a combination of wood and stone materials. Handrails can be added along one or both sides of the steps. Consider what type of landscaping you would like to add near the front of the porch and allow enough clearance room around the steps for the addition of these items.