When You Should Consider Replacing Your Front Door

6 July 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When it comes to maintenance and repair around the house, you likely think about things like keeping things clean or keeping an eye on your plumbing or electrical systems. But there's another part of your house that can sometimes be overlooked, and it's staring you right in the face every time you enter your home. Your front door can accumulate wear and tear over time just like any other part of your house. Eventually, it might be time for you to consider hiring a door replacement company to install a new entry point to your home. Here are some of the potential warning signs that might indicate that it's time for you to move forward with replacing your front door.

Your Wooden Door is Obviously Aging

Some door replacement decisions are easier than others. If you have a wooden door that is getting up there in years, it's possible you might see some signs of wood rot or warped wood. As the wood decays over time, your door might become a target for pests that will be all too happy to burrow into the door and then into the rest of your home. You can keep a wooden door in good condition with regular cleaning and maintenance, but if that ship has sailed, contact a door replacement professional and start over with a new door.

There's a Draft Coming Through No Matter What You Do to Stop It

As a door ages or the ground under your house slightly shifts over time, it's possible that your front door could begin letting in a bit of a draft. Whether it's cold air or hot air that's leaking in from outside, you can take some initial steps to combat this like installing new weatherstripping or even dropping a towel at the bottom of the door when you aren't expecting to go in and out of the house for a while. At some point though, the draft is going to win out, and it will be clear that it's time for a brand-new door and not just another weatherstrip.

Your Door Is Kicking Your Curb Appeal…to the Curb

Maybe there's nothing functionally wrong with your door, and it still opens and shuts just fine and is not causing any issues with drafts or your HVAC bill. But if your door has visually degraded over time and simply cleaning it isn't going to make it look any better, then perhaps it's time to replace your front door strictly for visual reasons. No one wants to be the eyesore of the neighborhood, and this could be especially important if you plan on putting your house on the market at some point in the future.