Save Yourself Hours Of Hard Work By Hiring A Demolition Service To Tear Out Your Old Patio

9 July 2021
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If you have a large backyard patio you want to get rid of and it's too big to break up by yourself, call a demolition contractor to do the job. This type of contractor offers a variety of demolition services, such as knocking down buildings, tearing out interior walls, and demolishing concrete. Here are ways to prepare and what to expect when you have your patio demolished.

Obtain A Permit And Prepare For The Demolition

Ask your contractor if you need to obtain a permit and call to have utility lines marked, or if that is included in their services. The demolition contractor may handle these details, as well as renting the dumpster and having it delivered if the contractor will use one. The contractor may bring their own dump truck instead. Also, ask about preparations you need to make, such as clearing the area of personal items and putting plywood over your glass patio doors.

Have The Patio Demolished

The cost for demolishing the patio depends on the patio's size and whether it has rebar embedded. When the contractor quotes a price initially, it's usually a price per square foot, so that helps you plan for the finished cost.

Your patio should be demolished in a matter of hours, but the time needed depends on the size of your patio. The contractor uses a variety of heavy equipment and jackhammers to bust apart the concrete and transfer the pieces to the dumpster or truck. When the concrete is removed, the contractor arranges to have the waste taken away too so there is no debris left behind from the patio demolition.

Demolishing your patio is noisy work. Be sure to let your neighbors know what's going on in case the noise bothers them or their pets. A patio demolition can also be dusty, so keep your kids and pets indoors until the work is complete. If there is anything you need to do, the contractor will let you know. Otherwise, the crew works as quickly as possible to get the job completed.

Once the patio is gone, you can start planning your new patio installation right away. Hiring a contractor to bust up and remove the concrete saves you from hours of back-breaking work and gets the demolition done much quicker.

Even if you have a small backyard, the contractor can get the equipment in place to do the demolition. A small skid steer can fit through a standard fence gate, but if necessary, the contractor might remove part of the fence to make it easier to move big chunks of concrete to the dump truck.