4 Types Of Siding That A Siding Service Can Install

27 July 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you are building a house, the siding is the part that brings the exterior together and makes it look like a home. There are many kinds of siding that a siding service can install for you. What you choose depends on many factors, including style, budget, and climate. Here are four popular siding choices to choose from. 

1. Vinyl 

Vinyl is a popular siding choice that is relatively new on the market. Vinyl typically looks like traditional clapboard wood siding but can be manufactured to fit just about any style or preference that you have. Vinyl is extremely low maintenance. While the paint on a wood-sided house will wear and peel eventually, vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors that don't have to be repainted every few years. 

One downside to vinyl is that it can be tricky to install properly and is sometimes fragile. You can have vinyl siding installed by professionals so that your house looks neat and none of your siding gets cracked. 

2. Stone 

Stone is a classic and timeless choice for siding. Stone has the advantage of long-lasting beauty and is a bold look that won't fade. Typically, a siding service will use cement to adhere stonework to the side of the house. Installing stone siding can be difficult, but a siding service with years of experience will install it beautifully. 

3. Brick 

Brick is a classic siding choice that never goes out of style.  Bricks are elegant, but they can be hard to clean and care for and are one of the more expensive siding options out there. If you do go with brick, be sure to hire a siding service to install them because every brick has to be laid precisely to give you a neat and straight finish. 

4. Wood  

Wood is one of the most common siding options. It is a traditional choice that always looks classy. Wood has the advantage of being fairly affordable, and it is easy to alter with a quick coat of fresh paint whenever you get tired of the shade you already have. Wood does have some downsides though because it is less durable than some other siding options and you need to repaint every few years to keep it looking fresh. Wood siding can be cleanly installed by a siding service that can cut each piece of the siding so that it fits on every nook and cranny of your exterior.