Why You Always Need A Fire Extinguisher On Any Construction Site

11 November 2021
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While fire extinguishers are legally required in most commercial buildings once they are completed, a lot of people forget their necessity for construction projects that are not yet completed. This is arguably the time where the danger of fires is at its highest point, and there are many different factors that contribute to this. If you aren't sure whether or not you need fire extinguishers around you when you are gearing up for your next big project then here are a few examples of the many dangers that come with active construction, and why you should have not just one, but several fire extinguishers of varying classifications around your site.

Vehicles That Malfunction Can Sprout Flames

In the early stages of your construction, you will likely have quite a few different construction vehicles on hand. From bulldozers, graders, skid steers, and mobile cranes, it can be quite a hub of activity. If any of these vehicles overheat or malfunction, then flames will often be one of the first symptoms after smoke. It can be very difficult to put out a vehicle fire without proper fire extinguishers, so make sure you do your research about which fire extinguishers can put out gas fires and ones that are hotter than your average flame.

A Lot Of Flammable Materials

From the perspective of a fire, there are not many places with more fuel for them to consume than an active construction site. Lumber will often be stacked up on top of each other several feet high, there will be a ton of exposed kindling like sawdust and often there are literally gallons of flammable liquids just sitting around. Having more than one fire extinguisher on hand means that you can stop these fires quickly before they spread past their original zone. This can not only save lives but it can save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars worth of material.

Act Fast

Not many people on-site will know where the closest hose is, or the nearest tap and bucket that you could grab water from. Fire extinguishers are bright red, stored in prominent locations, and are very simple to operate, which means that even passive onlookers can grab them and put out a flame in seconds. As mentioned above, containing a fire to its original zone is vital and that means acting fast in the first minute or so can make the biggest difference. Fire extinguishers allow that quick response that other methods do not have.

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