Rotten Crawl Spaces: Foundation Repairs To Stop The Problems Beneath Your Home

7 January 2022
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Water issues can be just as bad with a crawl space foundation as in a basement. The problem is that problems with crawl space foundations often get overlooked. Thus, you might need foundation repairs to help deal with these problems and prevent further damage to your home. The following information on crawl space foundations will help you deal with these issues to prevent further damage to your home:

Issues With Water Seeping Into the Foundation

Seepage is a major problem with crawl space foundations. This is when the water seeps up from the ground and causes moisture problems in the foundation. There are several options to deal with these types of problems. The first solution is to ensure your home has good drainage around the foundation. In addition, the foundation can also be encapsulated to help keep the moisture out and your home dry. 

Sinking Support Piers Due to Moisture Issues 

When the moisture does get into your home's foundation, it can also cause structural issues. These problems can be piers that begin to sink as the moisture causes the soil around their footings to become softer. Options to fix these issues include pier jacking and adding structural footings. If you have to deal with issues due to settling piers, you will probably want to have an engineer look at them too. They can tell you what the best options will be to repair the settling and prevent further structural damage to your home. 

Standing Water and Moisture In the Crawl Space

There are other issues that the moisture in the crawl space can cause. Standing water is a major issue that you will need to deal with to prevent damage. To deal with this type of problem, install a sump pump to remove any water that does get into the foundation, and then, you might want to encapsulate the crawl space to help keep the water out. 

Structural Damage to the Crawl Space Walls 

Just like with a basement foundation, there might also be structural issues that you have to deal with in the basement of your home. Issues with static water pressure often cause these issues. The static pressure causes this as the water drains through the soils to the water table. When there is structural damage to the exterior foundation walls of your crawl space, they should be repaired by a professional service that does foundation repairs. 

If you are having problems with the crawl space, contact a foundation repair contractor to get the problem fixed.