Things You May Not Realize Roof Repair Contractors Can Do

7 February 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When your roof loses some shingles or you find yourself with a leak, you call the roof repair contractor, right? Indeed, replacing missing shingles and general leak repairs do tend to form the bulk of most roof repair companies' work. However, these companies also tend to offer a range of other services which you may find you need to take advantage of at some point. Discover some of those typical services below.

Skylight Repair

Skylights do tend to develop leaks and other problems over the years. When this happens, homeowners sometimes assume they need to call a window company. But in fact, the issues that occur with skylights tend to occur in the roof materials surrounding the skylight, rather than in the skylight itself. As such, roof repair companies tend to be better equipped to deal with these issues. They can replace any of the wooden roof deck that has been damaged by water infiltration over the years, or they can seal the weatherstripping that has worn away from the edges of the skylight.

Gutter Repairs or Replacement

Not every roof company works on gutters. Some do subcontract out this work. However, most roof repair companies either work on gutters themselves or will arrange for someone to come service your gutters, saving you the headache of having to find such a contractor yourself. Leaky gutters can cause more problems than you might think, exposing the landscaping below the gutters to excessive water. Sagging gutters are also an issue; they won't drain very well. Roof repair contractors can fix them to make sure your gutters are always offering your home the maximum protection from water.

Roof Vent Additions

There are so many homes that were not fitted with enough roof vents — or large enough roof vents — when they were constructed. If your home is one of them, you may notice that your attic is really humid. And if you live in a snowy area, you may notice that ice dams form on the edge of your roof. A roof repair contractor can generally add a few more vents in key areas. This will keep your attic cooler and less moist, which will address all sorts of issues, from mold growth to ice dam damage.

Roof repair contractors do more than replace shingles. The next time you have one of these companies out to your home, ask them for a complete list of their services. You might be surprised by all that they do.