Things To Consider When Installing A Wood Burning Fireplace In Your Home

23 March 2022
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Having a fireplace in your home can offer a wonderful ambiance in your house and provide some heat in the winter if you live in a cold climate. If your home never had a fireplace, you need a fireplace installation service to come and assess your home to determine what must be done to put a fireplace in.

Masonry Fireplaces

When you consider adding a new masonry fireplace to your existing home, you will need to have fireplace installation services look over the house and see if the structure will support a fireplace and brick or stone chimney. A masonry fireplace can be expensive and requires opening up the wall, constructing the fireplace and chimney, then repairing the wall so that the fireplace looks like it has always been there. 

You also have to consider the work on the roof where the chimney passes through unless you opt for one that goes up the home's outside wall on one end. The time to construct the fireplace can also take some time, and the more detailed the fireplace installation is, the longer it will take to finish the job. While the look and feel of the classic brick fireplace are appealing, it is often the most expensive option. 

Metal Prefab Fireplaces

Fireplace installation services often offer options like a wood-burning metal prefab fireplace that can be installed in an existing home relatively quickly. The fireplace is already constructed when it arrives at your house and can be installed in an existing wall with some preparation, and a metal chimney can be used inside the space to ensure the smoke is carried out of the house safely. 

In homes with an existing fireplace that is too old or has damage that makes it unsafe to use, the prefab metal fireplace can be installed as an insert to the original fireplace. The fireplace installation services can run the metal chimney pipe up and out of the existing chimney. The metal pipe will run to the top of the old chimney, and from the outside, you will not see it, but the smoke will come out of the existing masonry one.

Using a prefabricated metal fireplace, wood-burning fireplace installation takes less time than constructing a brick fireplace. Even if you do not have an old chimney to put the prefab into, you can install it as a standalone unit that offers better quality heat production and cleaner operation in most situations.

There are also very modern-looking units that may fit into modern decore better than a classic look. For families with small children in the home, the prefab units often offer more protection but still provide the look and feel you want in your home. 

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