Why It's Risky To Install A Quartz Countertop On Your Own

11 July 2022
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Quartz countertops are very heavy and durable. As a result, it can also be very heavy and is definitely not something that you'll want to install on your own. You'll need to ask for help from a friend to help you move it or you'll need to hire a professional quartz counter installation service.

The Removal of the Previous Countertop

Before you can install the quartz countertop, remove the previous countertop. This is a lot of work and will require that you be physically capable of doing so. You will also need to find a place to store the debris left over as you remove the previous countertop. You could rent a dumpster, but it's much easier to hire a quarts counter installation service.

The Transportation of the Quartz Slab to Your Home

Quartz is transported to the location where it will be installed in one piece. As a result, it must be transported using specialized equipment that ensures that the slab doesn't crack when it is put in place. If the slab becomes damaged, this can be very expensive. 

To move the quartz into place, you will often need a crane and a flatbed to get the quartz slab in place. You will also need heavy-duty straps that will not tear as the quartz slab is moved around so it can be cut with a diamond blade. The slab must also be moved to the correct location in your kitchen or bathroom. Carrying clamps, gloves with rubber grips, and moving blankets can all make the process much easier. 

How to Make Sure the Countertop Fits

The quartz slabs that arrive are very heavy. You will need to remove the quartz slab from its packaging and you'll then need to cut the slabs so that they are the right dimensions. The diamond masonry blade used to cut through quarts must be very powerful and you could be seriously injured if cut by it.

The process of installing quartz countertops is very difficult and dangerous. If you make certain mistakes, you can end up costing yourself a substantial amount of money and this simply makes it not worth it to install your own countertop. You will also not be able to take advantage of the warranty that comes with having your countertop installed by professionals. You will need to have someone else haul the quartz slab to your home so you might as well have someone else also install it.

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