When It Really Is Best to Have a Home Custom Built

15 September 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Having a home built does not always mean having a home custom-built. There are plenty of builders who create homes with templates. Often, this is the more affordable approach, and it can get you into a home sooner. However, it does not work for everyone. In some cases, you truly do benefit from having a home custom built to your own unique specifications. Here are some situations in which having a home custom-built is worth it.

You have a large family.

Most pre-built homes are constructed for the average family of 3, 4, or sometimes 5 people. If your family is larger than this, then you will not only need a larger home, but you will need one that is better designed to be lived in by more people. Such a home may have bedrooms divided by half-walls, bedrooms with two closets, or even bathrooms between two bedrooms. It may have a larger kitchen island for everyone to gather around or an extra-large dining room that can fit a bigger table. A custom home builder can create a home that works for your large family's flow and lifestyle — a place where you don't feel stuffed in or crammed together.

You have specific mobility needs.

Are you in a wheelchair, or do you use some sort of mobility device? If so, you need a home that accommodates your different level of mobility. Wider doorways and ramps in place of stairs are just the beginning. A home built specifically for you can have lower cabinets that you can reach, tables that come down to your level, room transitions without thresholds to get over, and grab bars in the perfect spots. It is far easier to have a home built to your needs than to convert a current home to accommodate you.

You run a business or engage in a demanding hobby inside your home.

Do you use your home for more than just living? Maybe you run a hair salon or a dog grooming business out of your home. Or maybe you're a dedicated cyclist and your home doubles as a bike shop. Having a home custom-built is a good way to ensure it accommodates your needs. The builder can add a whole wing for your other needs to help ensure they don't bleed out into your living space.

Sometimes, having a home custom-built truly is the way to go. Call a local custom home builder company to learn more.