Simple Ways To Save On A Major Home Remodel

10 January 2023
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A major home remodel can be costly. On one hand, remodeling your space to better suit your needs is often worth paying for. But on the other hand, most people do have a budget they need to stick to as they remodel. If you're on a budget, you can still remodel your home to better suit your needs. You may just want to follow one or more of the following tips to save money throughout the process. 

Choose More Timeless Essentials

In every room, there are timeless options that look lovely, will continue looking lovely for years, and are reasonably priced. Subway tile is a good example in the kitchen. It has long been on-trend and will likely continue to be, and it costs much less than more intricately patterned tiles. In the bedroom, a timeless example would be sheet vinyl flooring. While it's not expensive or fancy, it can look really nice and comes at a fair price.

Taking the timeless approach saves you money in two ways. First, the materials cost less. Second, they will last longer since they won't look outdated in a few years, so you'll be able to wait longer before remodeling again.

Bring in Natural Light

Adding light fixtures to a home design can quickly drive up the cost. You not only have the cost of the fixtures themselves to account for, but also the cost of having an electrician run the wiring to those new fixtures. You can often save by emphasizing natural light in your remodel. Choose window treatments that let more light in. If you're already replacing the windows, consider widening some of them. You might also want to arrange furniture so that it's pointed toward the windows, and paint with light colors that reduce your overall need for light.

Save What You Can

Homeowners often assume they need to throw away everything and start over. But you might be able to save more materials than you'd think. For example, your kitchen floor might be in good shape, and you may be able to save it and remodel around it. Or, your bathroom vanity might look great with just a new coat of paint. The more you can reuse, the less you'll spend on new materials and items.

Remodeling can certainly be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to reduce costs.

Talk to your builders and designers to learn more about home remodels.