Reasons To Choose Stucco For Your Residential Remediation

6 February 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Is your residential structure not looking so great these days? Does your house's exterior look like it's way past due for full remediation? One of the first things you'll have to do when deciding how to fix this problem is to decide which type of materials you will use to get everything looking the way you want it to again. Here's why residential stucco remediation might be the right choice for you and your house.

An Affordable Fix

Exact prices for building materials will of course vary depending on the market, your general location, the contractor you hire, and a variety of other factors. But all things considered, stucco is largely seen as an affordable option for an exterior remediation project like this. Stucco is made out of natural materials and can help you restore the outside appearance of your home without putting you over budget for the project.

Low Maintenance in the Future

Stucco is affordable when used during remediation, but many homeowners find that it's also quite cost effective over the long term. That's because you won't have to do that much in the way of maintenance, so your ongoing or continued costs will continue to be low. The initial investment you make in the remediation project today should pay off for you over time.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Adding stucco on top of whatever blemishes you have on your residential structure can also serve as an additional form of insulation. Adding stucco across most of your exterior can improve your home's energy efficiency. Your energy costs may come down over time, and this is another way that an investment in stucco today can reap more dividends in the future.

Durability for the Future

Stucco being low maintenance was already discussed, but its long-term durability should be acknowledged in another way. Once your stucco is in place, you won't have to worry about that section of the exterior for quite some time. Stucco's long-term durability can not just restore your exterior but can add nearly permanent curb appeal to your home that will restore or help you maintain your property value over time.

If your house's exterior has seen better days, turning to stucco as part of a remediation process can be an affordable way to fix up your house while also gaining additional benefits like energy efficiency and long-term durability. Contact a local stucco installer for more info.