Why Install Pre-Assembled Cabinets After You Remodel Your Kitchen?

14 April 2023
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As you approach the end of a kitchen remodel, you have to think about cabinets. While you can use custom-built or flat-pack units, you should also consider buying pre-assembled cabinets. These units are pre-made in a factory and come ready to install.

What are the benefits of buying pre-assembled cabinets?

Get a Faster Build

By the time you're ready to install cabinets in your kitchen, you'll want to move fast. This is one of the last jobs you have to do before your kitchen is ready to use.

The types of cabinets you choose affect how much time it takes to finish this stage of your build. For example, if you use flat-packed units, then your contractor will have to build each cabinet and install them.

This can take some time. Plus, if something is missing from a cabinet's pack, such as a special screw or attachment, then you'll have an extra delay until you can get hold of the missing part.

If you buy pre-assembled cabinets, then you can complete your kitchen remodel more quickly. Your contractor simply has to put each cabinet in the right place and attach any fixings. This is faster than building and installing flat-packed units.

Get Better Quality Cabinets

If you install flat-pack cabinets, you have to put them together on-site. It isn't always easy to construct this type of furniture so that it stays stable and strong for the long term.

Loose screws and misaligned fixtures affect how well a cabinet can do its job. If you don't have the right tools and installation experience, then you might not connect all your cabinets firmly and correctly. They will have weak spots that could cause future problems.

Plus, your units might not have a perfectly professional finish if someone makes a mistake when they build a cabinet. A slipped screwdriver can scratch the front of a unit.

Manufacturers put pre-assembled cabinets together for you. They use experienced workers who have access to the right tools. They also quality-check their products before they ship them. Your cabinets will be stronger and will look more professional.

Reduce Your Kitchen Fitting Costs

If you hire a carpenter to build custom cabinets for your kitchen, then you'll pay a premium price. While flat-pack units are cheaper, they come with additional costs.

The time it takes to construct each cabinet and install it adds to your labor costs. Your remodel will be more expensive.

If you have basic DIY skills, then you can install pre-assembled cabinets yourself. Even if you give this job to your contractors, you'll save money. They won't need as much time to put the cabinets in place compared to building them from flat packs. Your labor costs will be lower.

To find out more, contact pre-assembled cabinet suppliers and ask about their kitchen ranges.